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Vehicle Insurance

Private Car

Motor Insurance is a very competitive market these days, with hundreds of companies offering “low cost” motor insurance - from supermarkets to tyre fitters!

There are also many internet comparison sites, which will ask you a number of short questions and then produce a list of companies and their premiums. However, when it comes to actually taking out the policy, you can find that the premium has increased after you have added some important covers to the policy (eg legal expenses, courtesy car, business use).

You may also find that the basic quote has a high excess and is restricted to one driver only, whereas your current policy only has a standard excess (normally £100) and includes other people to drive.

We believe that it is important to provide a policy that is suitable for your needs and it is made clear from the outset the terms of the policy, ie cover, excess, driving restrictions, use etc.

We can arrange motor insurance for a wide range of risks and types of vehicle. All policies we offer are from well known and established insurers, offering very wide cover.

Most comprehensive policies give a courtesy car whilst your own car is off the road, provided one of the insurers' approved garage is used. Some policies we offer also have the facility to include breakdown cover at a competitive price. We can also arrange this separately, through RAC.

We also offer a competitive uninsured loss recovery scheme with all private car policies, which is underwritten by DAS, the leading legal expenses insurer.

Commercial Vehicle

We can provide cover for your business vehicles (cars and vans). If you have more than 3 vehicles, Fleet Insurance may be more suitable - please see this section for further details.

Cherished Cars

We have access to a very competitive scheme for cars over 10 years old. The policy is underwritten by major insurers and we automatically include cover for legal expenses.

Discounts are available where the car is over 25 years old, all drivers are over 30, and for membership of a recognised Classic Car Club.

We have a close link up with Wirral Classic Car Club and arrange cover for many of their members' vehicles. We also sponsored a trophy for one of their rallys this year, and provided a free insurance policy for the winner of the best car at the rally.

Please contact us and we will get in touch to take some further details on your requirements, and obtain the most suitable policy for your needs.

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